Jessie Murph" "

April 17/COLUMBIA – 8 p.m. downtown on 9th Street. Bringing her “Live on the Sticks” tour with Matt Schuster. Celebrate the glory of live music, ice-cold beer and partying with Central Bank Downtown Live.  Jesse tells the kinds of stories we all can relate to, but too uncomfortable to share. She’s not shy in her songs. This 18-year-old Alabama singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist gushes emotion through the cracks of her dominant, yet lilting croon, staring down heartbreak, anxiety and darkness. Known for her originals “Upgrade,” “Look Who’s Cryin’ Now” and “Sobriety.” She opens up again with her debut mixtape, “Drowning” (Columbia Records.) Tickets are $35 and available on Ticketmaster – https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/06006055971B3E87



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