Dinosaur Fun for the Kids

(StatePoint) Have a little dinosaur enthusiast in your life? If you’re looking for new and creative ways to keep your little one entertained, try these fun dino-themed activities:

• Make dino treats: Use a dinosaur cookie cutter set to bake cookies into different prehistoric shapes, like brontosauruses, pterodactyls and velociraptors. This can be a fun way to let kids show off their knowledge by identifying the different types of dinosaurs and listing fun facts about each one. They can even decorate the cookies to add realistic details.

• Infuse dino fun into playtime: A fun line-up of toys from VTech can totally transform playtime, letting kids stomp into the cool and crazy world of dinosaurs. These Switch & Go toys quickly transform from fearsome dino to sleek vehicle and include ultra-cool effects like fiery lights with a lightning trail and fun, roaring sounds. The Switch & Go Velociraptor Jet starts as a ferocious raptor and turns into a propeller disc-launching jet with an animated pilot. Kids can pit the Velociraptor Jet against the T-Rex Muscle Car for tough competition or the T-Rex Race Car for ultra-speed, or choose from other dino-vehicles in the Switch & Go line.

• Take a field trip: Take a trip to the nearest science museum or museum of natural history to explore fascinating exhibits and get a close-up look at fossils and skeletons. Learn what dinosaurs ate, where and when they lived and other fun facts. From the gentle brontosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, some exhibitions even feature animatronic dinosaurs that move and behave in the way scientists believe they once did.

• Craft dino masks: With a few supplies you have around the house, kids can make colorful and creative dinosaur masks. Paper plate masks are always a fun and simple option and require no more than markers or paint, safety scissors, something adhesive, such as glue or tape, and string or elastic to secure the mask. Whether you create your own design or follow a tutorial online, this activity is a great idea for both birthday parties and just everyday crafting fun.

From delicious treats to cool new toys, there are many ways you can embrace your child’s love of dinosaurs at home and in your community.

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