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The Renaissance Theatre

Your source for LIVE and ENGAGING arts and entertainment in North Central Ohio! We look forward to seeing you at our beautiful historic venue soon for one of our programs! There are Experiences for Everyone.

In the 1920’s, Hollywood was booming. Movies were immensely popular, and motion picture studios were building magnificent theatres all across the country. With a population of about 30,000 in 1927, Mansfield seemed to be an ideal spot for a majestic movie house. And so the Warner Management Company spent $500,000 to build the Ohio Theatre. Today, the renovated and expanded theatre celebrates the imagination in each of us by presenting and producing live performances and symphonic music in a historic venue and to enlighten and enhance lives through education and outreach in the community and beyond. The Renaissance considers itself, first and foremost, a community center.

Emerging Artists Festival

The Emerging Artists Festival each year encourages creativity through collaboration. Playwrights from all over the world submit their works to be chosen for a week-long workshop that culminates in a public reading where audiences are invited to participate in providing feedback to assist in furthering the creative process.  >MORE

Upcoming Programs:

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