Pine Hollow Arboretum

See flora from around the world at this unique 25-acre park just outside of Albany.

The arboretum is home to more than 3,300 unique trees and shrubs organized by geography. Natural species from China, Russia, and Japan are represented. The arboretum also devotes area to specific species like magnolia and fir. The park also includes 12 ponds and a forest, with some lovely architectural features including bridges and walking trails. Bring a camera or a paintbrush to capture the beauty of this completely planned, but totally natural looking setting.

Extra prime parking spot: Visit the Dawn Redwood, one of the first trees planted on the property. Fossils of the tree were discovered in Japan in the 1940s, supporting the idea that the tree was extinct. However, shortly after that, live specimens were discovered and shared with arboreta around the world. Stare up at this magnificent specimen, which is expected to live 400-500 years.

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