The Common Good

ARTISAN FOOD & DRINK Our full-service bar and restaurant invites guests to enjoy Aurora, Colorado by resting, recovering, rejuvenating, and finding The Common Good as a community gathering place.

Within the graceful walls of The Benson Hotel lies a culinary haven that beckons with warmth and flavor – The Common Good. This restaurant is not just a place to dine. It was designed to serve as a community gathering space in a fast-changing city that has evolved into Colorado’s biotech hub and a health and life sciences research center.

The 100-seat restaurant features an open kitchen, generous booth seating, expansive wall-to-wall windows, and a wraparound outdoor terrace for alfresco dining. A separate Lounge is designed with warm mahogany wood and brass accents, surrounded by rich teal paneled walls.

Led by the visionary Executive Chef Donovan Davis, a veteran of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Common Good brings the essence of the West to life with a menu that celebrates local ingredients and embraces global influences. Chef Davis, who fell in love with the atmosphere of the kitchen as a young teenager, has crafted a culinary experience that combines comfort food and innovative creations.

Chef Davis takes pride in his commitment to local sourcing, working closely with producers within a 10-mile radius to create seasonally-driven dishes. As you savor each bite, you’ll experience the harmonious fusion of high-quality Colorad

Plan Your Journey to The Benson Hotel and The Common Good:

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