The Weekender started as a single page for the lifestyle section in a local weekly newspaper. In May of 2001, staff members of five area weekly newspapers joined together to publish the first 16-page tab-style magazine to be distributed on a quarterly basis. It was inserted in the partnering newspapers, expanding readership and aiding in reaching more potential customers for its advertising sponsors. It was an all-black and white newspaper print with features covering ‘Places to go, People to see, and Things to do – “only” in Ohio.

The first color magazine-style publication was issued in the Spring of 2003 and intended to be distributed on a quarterly basis. The response was overwhelming and a subscription campaign was soon underway. The publishers immediately saw the need of expanding to bi-monthly distribution and then monthly distribution before the year was up. Several format changes later, a full-color glossy format was introduced for a Festival/Fair Preview issue in August of 2007.

Still distributed FREE to subscribers, the worldwide web enabled The Weekender to reach other areas besides Ohio with online, 3D, page-flip versions. Surveys proved more and more readers were looking online to find the type of information The Weekender Magazine provided. After adding Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri issues, it was evident that each and every state needed coverage. With more places to go, more things to do and more people to see than what our small staff had time for, a sample Weekender Extended section was introduced to subscribers at fair booths with our regular Weekenders. Fast forward . . .

The Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Michigan Weekenders were consolidated into one

monthly magazine in 2015 with “extended” coverage for the other states. We continued to feature “places to go, things to do, and people to see” across the United States for the fun side of life until 2020. Once Covid 19 hit and we were no longer able to travel freely, the Extended Weekender staff had the time to sit and review our coverage. We contemplated ways to better serve our readers and sponsoring clients. During our conversations, we realized destinations, adventures, events and attractions sometimes need more than a simple  2-day weekend.  As travel destinations continue to welcome our readers, the staff rebranded the Weekender Extended Magazine to  “Extended Weekend Getaways!”  And now we’ve gone Global. That’s right. We’ve extended once again to include destinations outside the U.S. and across the World! 

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