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Here is YOUR opportunity to share your destination /  attractions / adventure / service / event with our focused readers. We can  show you just how easy it is to reach new potential visitors anxious to explore.

Research shows 87% of potential customers search online before actually visiting in person. Through regular monthly magazine issues, social media channels, email newsletters, marketing campaigns and a website categorized by location and interest, we are prepared to help you share your story to a focused audience that loves to explore new destinations, adventures, attractions and events.  When readers opt to travel and explore on an extended weekend getaway, we provide the sources to help decide where to go and what to do.
1st, lets view our current issue of our monthly publication  > HERE
If you would like at least 100,000 prospects to learn more about your destination, this is a good place to start. Our subscriptions are FREE by design so that all who wish may view them regardless of a limited budget. They subscribe, however, so you – the marketing sponsor – can receive data on who and where viewers are from. We know if they subscribe, they’ve ASKED for the magazine to be sent to them and are more apt to take the time to read it.

Our website, available on a 24/7 basis, reaches an average of 65,000 viewers a month due to key text for Search Engine Optimization. Categorized by state and a “Going Global” section, viewers can find even more articles, events and tour guide listings by a chosen topic or area.

So it shouldn’t” COST” you an arm and a leg to promote your business or service. Our regular rates are prorated to be less than a penny per viewer. It should “PAY” you to share your destination, business, or service. If you gain interest from only 1/2 of 1% of our subscribers and they spend only $3, you have more than doubled your original investment. With the right ad campaign and working together, we can help you accomplish just that!  So what is the next step? Let’s GO, SEE, DO . . .   see our current circulation by area here.

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