People To See: Backroads Joe Lanker

"Music roots run deep"

                                                                                                                                                    By Lisa Rhoden/ Places to Go Editor
Growing up as a child in the little town of Mexico, Ohio, music was always a part of our life. We were blessed to have a wonderful set of grandparents who invited family and friends from all over on Sundays. Our Grandfather, Ollie Rhoden, was one of a kind. Always a loving heart and never met a stranger.
Our days would always end with the ringing of banjos and guitars till the wee hours of the morning. Only to leave us waiting to see what was in store for the next weekend. I had the pleasure of going to watch my cousin Shannon Lanker play this past weekend. (As you may all now him as Backroads Joe Lanker). As I was watching him, I couldn’t help but think how proud our grandpa would be of him. The love and kindness that Joe and his band shows to everyone that comes out to support his band reminded me so much of my grandpa, it brought tears to my eyes.
The same traits and love that our grandfather had came to mind as I watched Joe and his son, JT, and the rest of his band pour out their hearts into their music. I hear that sometimes, if we are lucky, we can get his beautiful daughter, Josie, and his wife, Shannon, to join them as well.
Joe will be the first one to do a fundraiser for a good cause, and do a good deed for a stranger; but you will never hear him toot his own horn. So this month, thanks to The Weekender Extended Magazine, I have the pleasure of doing it for him. Straight after my grandfathers heart, Joe doesn’t know a stranger. The Backroads Band has established its own following from the many many years of playing local clubs and this is one band that you will be glad you went out and supported.

Coming up in September, Joe has some of his favorite people that will be joining him. Hunter Hoop (who by the way is Amazing!) and Rex Rhoden will be flying in from Naples, Florida to once again carry on a family tradition. And of course Mr. Whey Jennings, for the September shows. Please feel free to check him out on Facebook: Backroadsband Joe Lanker for upcoming shows. Joe has recently went on a short tour with the late great Waylon Jennings’ grandson, Mr. Whey Jennings and the Unwanted band, who straight after his grandfather has a voice that will shake your soul. It was a pleasure to meet him and just knowing that he, like Joe, inherited the love for Outlaw Music. Feel free to check Whey Jennings on Facebook as well. Let’s show our entertainers the love we have for them, as they take time to bring music to our lives.


Upcoming Shows

For Both Whey Jennings and The Backroads bands are as follows for our local Ohio area.
Upper Sandusky Fair Grounds : September 15th 2018
Dave’s Hideaway: September 16th ( This will be the last date with Whey Jennings)
TNTs in Upper Sandusky Ohio on September 22nd, 2018



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