People To See: Hunter Hoop

Up and Coming Country artist and song writer headed for American Idol Auditions

“This is my dream.”

                                                                                                      By Lisa Rhoden; Places to Go Editor

Those words come straight from Mr. Hunter Hoops’ mouth! What a great experience it was to sit down with this young man and see the fire in his eyes and the love that he has doing what he does best!

Hunter Hoop, age 19 from Wharton, Ohio, has been playing the classic old-time hits for the last five years. Hoping to follow in his hero’s footsteps, he is making sure that the legends that he loves lives on. When I asked Hunter who his inspirations were, I wasn’t even surprised when George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams came out of his mouth.

Hunter’s fiancé, Shyanne Green, sat and glowed as she watched Hunter talk about his hopes and dreams for the future. This young couple are the proud parents of a beautiful six-month old baby boy Carter.  Hunter also shared with me that he will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio, to try out for American Idol this coming Wednesday. What a great opportunity this will be for him. Let’s all get behind him and show our support!

Hunter also spoke of his father, Mr. Kip Hoop, who no doubt is one of his biggest fans, a smile came across his face as he told me about what a great supporter his father is. He was quick to explain that his Dad believes in him, and pushes him to pursue his dream with T-shirts, CD’s, recording equipment and anything else he needs to do for his son to continue living his dream.  Hunter also shared with me that after taking guitar lessons, he just didn’t quite get it until he sat down with his best friend, JT Lanker, who within a week had Hunter playing music. So he wants a big shout out and “thank you” to JT. (Great Job J.T) it was a pleasure to sit and talk to this young man. Thank you for letting the Weekender Extended Magazine interview you, and we wish you the best of luck on Wednesday! Hunter’s upcoming shows for September will include opening up for the Joe Lanker and the Backroads Band starting this coming Saturday night at the Upper Sandusky Fairgrounds; Dave’s Hideaway in Findlay, Ohio; and TNTS In Upper Sandusky.

Enjoy the video below. The song “No Disquise” was written for his fiancee. This young man is going places! Again Thank you Hunter, and we look forward to your future!



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