Walking at the airport

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" "This  year, airline travel is expected to increase in record numbers. For spring break along, TSA expects a 6% increase over last year. Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer getaways, is one of the busiest times to travel. Fridays and July 3-4 also bring in high airline fares and the biggest airport traffic.  Expensive flights and large crowds aren’t the only thing to consider. Are you ready for a potential workout on the way to your gate?

Many airports involve quite a trek from check-in to boarding. As air travel continues to grow, the length between gates and terminals may continue to increase. The team at KURU Footwear measured the longest and shortest airport terminal walking distances in the U.S. and surveyed 800 people to learn more about air travel experiences so that you can be prepared when you lace up those sneakers for travel day.

Foot Traffic Findings

" "For many, especially those unable to walk long distances, the mileage between terminals can feel like a workout at best or become nearly inaccessible at worst. For example, the longest walk from this study is an ambitious 2.16 miles at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  The shortest walk is a brisk 0.11 miles at the Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky.

To help solve a long walking distance, many airports now offer concourse trains, moving walkways or wheelchairs for easier access. So before your next trip, we recommend contacting each airport you’ll be visiting to learn what services are available and how you or a loved one might benefit from assistance provided.

Air Travel Facts

" "The survey of air passenger travel habits provides some insight into air travel frequency, average time walking at the airport, and which shoes travelers wear most through airport security.

58% of Americans plan to travel by air in 2024 while 28% are unsure. 14% have no plans

3% travel once a week, 7% travel once a month, 8% travel a few times a month, 33% travel a few times a year, 26% travel once a year and 23% never travel.

Top reasons why Americans Travel are:

43% – Vacation     21% – Visiting family    17% business or work-related

When travelers travel:

27% arrive “more” than 2 hours early, 34% arrive “about” 2 hours early,

20% arrive 1 hour early, 4% arrive 50 minutes early.

35% spend less than an hour walking around the airport while 33% spend an hour.

Most wear sneakers when traveling – 66%

Most feel they walk more when traveling – 74%

Almost half say their feet hurt from increased walking – 46%

" "

At KURU, staff is on a mission to help you Heel BetterTM  with footwear technology designed to relieve foot pain, so you can live a better life. Since launching their innovative technology in 2008, they have received more than 32,000 5-star reviews from thousands of customers who say KURU shoes helped them with conditions, such as plantar fasciitis) and got them back to doing what they love.

For more information on this survey, airport navigation tips and information on KURU shoes, visit https://www.kurufootwear.com/a/blog/airport-walking-distances

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