Panama City Beach, Florida

Red Elephant Pizza

We opened RED ELEPHANT over ten years ago. Simply put, we love to feed families, friends, and all other folks who enjoy relaxing and sharing in our beautiful, fun restaurants. We love food that is reliably tasty and satisfying. We love service that is top-notch and then some.

Red Elephant Pizza

Red Elephant PizzaWe love connecting with people in our restaurants and in our communities. We welcome all to our herd. For fun, for business, for special celebrations—whatever you need, we’re here for you. We love you!

Our Wish

RED ELEPHANT makes your food to order, hot or cold, and we make what you eat in-house EVERY DAY.

You love our salads? It’s the HOME-MADE croutons baked daily. The fresh veggies cut in our kitchen every day. The dressings—we make gallons of our tasty dressings IN THE RESTAURANT from high-quality ingredients. We do this every day.

Let’s talk pizza. The dough? We mix it, proof it, and form each crust by hand. The sauce? MADE HERE, from our own tangy recipe. The cheese? We shred it ourselves to get the most flavor. Even the Italian sausage is made here IN-HOUSE.

We do all of these things, every day, to give you the freshest, tastiest, most lovable food we can. We do it FRESH FOR REAL—for you!

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