Lagomarcino’s: Soda Fountain/Confectionary

Step into Lagomarcino’s Confectionary, affectionately known as Lago’s, and you’re stepping into a century-old legacy of sweetness. Founded in 1908 by Italian immigrants Angelo and Luigia Lagomarcino, this charming ice cream parlor in Moline, Illinois, has been an enduring source of joy for generations.

In the heart of the shop, an old-fashioned soda fountain transports visitors back to a simpler time. Beth Lagomarcino, a passionate advocate for all things ice cream, believes there’s no bad mood that a scoop of ice cream can’t fix. For her, the best part of the job is the people – families who have grown up coming here, now bringing their own grandchildren to experience the magic.

In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, the Lagomarcinos made a pivotal decision: they would craft their own chocolates and ice cream. This choice, rooted in adversity, became the cornerstone of their enduring success.

Despite changing times, Lago’s has stood its ground. While other stores moved to malls, Lago’s stayed put, adding delightful fruit baskets and handmade chocolates to its offerings. In 1997, they expanded to Davenport, Iowa, ensuring more people could savor their delicious treats.

To celebrate a century of sweetness, an old-fashioned ice cream social was held, complete with stained glass additions to the decor. These intricate pieces tell the story of Lagomarcino’s heritage, from the original shop’s lanterns to the rolling hills of Italy, all framing cherished family photos.

The menu is a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. Hand-dipped chocolates, homemade ice cream, and irresistible hot fudge sundaes are staples. Their menu boasts a variety of sandwiches, served on homemade Swedish Rye bread, and delectable homemade potato salad. And of course, the ice cream selection is a paradise of flavors, all made on-site.

If you can’t visit in person, fear not. Lagomarcino’s can come to you, with their gourmet chocolates available for delivery, preserving the tradition even for those far away.

But the story doesn’t end there. The legacy lives on with Beth’s son, Daniel, and his daughter, Katie, carrying the torch, ensuring that the Lagomarcino’s tradition continues to “Make Life Sweet” for generations to come.

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