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The Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center

Announcing an all-new aviation exhibit – Design Build Fly. This 5,100 square-foot exhibit is one-of-a-kind and you’ll only find it here in Wichita. It is the biggest effort we’ve accomplished since our museum opening in 2000.

The exhibit is about engineering and manufacturing in order to fly aircraft. You’ll get to see behind-the-scenes and feel as though you are walking into an aircraft plant. With this exhibit, we hope to instill pride in the aviation industry and to spark that curiosity in young children to pursue those much-needed aviation careers.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Design an airplane’s seat – just how comfortable should it be?
  • Choose a mission and develop a cargo, military, or ambulance plane.
  • Test landing gear.
  • Enter the 10-foot long 737 fuselage theater and experience stories about our local industry.
  • Climb into a luxurious executive jet and pretend you’re a superstar or business mogul.
  • Plot a flight path to an exotic destination using GPS.

Do the Dome

Experience the largest dome theater in the state! You can see a dome theater show and only pay dome theater prices – general museum admission is not needed.

Live Science Shows

Join us in the Kemper Creative Learning Studio for exciting, interactive Live Science Shows!


Test Pilots: Think like an engineer to figure out to push an airplane to its limits.

What’s a Matter: Examine the facts of the matter and how it’s what everything is made of.

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