New Mexico

Snugglecubs Cookies

Our cookies are destined to be the favorite of family and friends near and far and we are dedicated to bringing this special experience to you. Snugglecubs Cookies will ship your order directly to your home, business, or to any other "den" you may have!

Snugglecubs Cookies

Snugglecubs Cookies

Size Matters

Snugglecubs Cookies are three times the size of “standard” cookies, but still maintain that homemade taste and texture. Each cookie weighs in at over three ounces before baking and average 3.25 inches in diameter and a luscious one inch thick! That means that you are getting about three dozen of theirs when you order one dozen of ours!



Snugglecubs Cookies does not add handling charges or additional fees to the shipping. The exact shipping cost is passed to you. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship our cookies so that they get to you as fresh as possible.

Remember, there’s a Cuddle in every cookie!

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