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The best way to get started is to visit www.GoRVing.com, the consumer side of the RV Industry Association. They work with nearly every U.S. RV manufacturer; thousands of RV dealers and rental agencies; and more than 18,000 campgrounds across America.

Once there, browse the lot for all different makes, models and floor plans to decide which size, style and features best suit your needs.

  • Visit a local RV Show: Click here and input your city and state to find the show closest to you.  Very much like visiting an RV dealer but with many more choices.  You’ll also find representatives from campgrounds and all sorts of products you might want while you’re RVing.
  • Noel Russell, California, Photo: Adam Clark/Brody Leven
    Noel Russell Faces of RVing

    Rent a motorhome for a weekend and fill it with your favorite foods, snacks and even your pet! Drive to a campground within an hour or so and enjoy all the comforts or your RV.  In addition, there is room to pack plenty of clothing, bedding, and your sports gear.

  • Rent a travel trailer and have it delivered to your campsite.  The rental company will hook it up leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the area and the campground.  Some come equipped with bedding / kitchen supplies and some don’t so be sure to ask. When you’re finished, they will come and pick it up.
  • Stay in a Park Model RV at a local campground. Park Model RVs look like a cabin and generally have a bedroom, full kitchen & bath and living area.  Some have a sleeping loft and a front porch with a swing.  Pack up your clothing and food and head out for a great experience!

How to Rent an RV:

  • Visit GoRVing.com and click the tab “Where to Find”. Then click on “Rentals”. Input your city and state of your starting point.  This will bring back local RV dealers that rent RVs.  Once there, browse their site for all different makes, models and floor plans to decide which size, style and features best suit your needs.
  • Next decide if you want to drive a motorhome or tow a travel trailer. If you don’t have any experience towing, a motorhome may be preferable.  If you decide to tow, its important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Always check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for towing weight restrictions and have your tow package professionally installed.
  • If you don’t find a dealer near you, check out some other companies like ElMonteRV.com or sites like www.Outdoorsy.com.  The process is the same – enter your city and state, the dates you want to travel and the type you think you want to rent.
  • Choose an RV that has enough room to seat your family if you decide on a motorhome. Everyone should be seated using a seatbelt when the RV is moving.
  • Choose one that has enough room so your family has a comfortable place to sleep. Some offer over cab beds, others have bunkbeds and most offer a pull out couch and a dinette that turns into a bed.
  • Make sure you read the contract and the fine print. Some rentals charge extra if you go over a certain number of miles, use the generator more than the specified time, have fees if you don’t empty the RV tanks or return it without cleaning it.
  • Make time for the tutorial on how to drive the RV and use the operating systems. It normally takes between 30 -60 minutes. Tip – use your phone to take short videos during the tutorial, they’ll come in handy when you’re unsure how to work something.
  • Insurance is needed. You can purchase it from the rental agency or check with your own insurance agent for a quote.

Over 88% of the RVs sold in 2019 were travel trailers.  Smaller models can be towed by mid-size vehicles, including the family car, minivan, SUV or pickup truck equipped with a hitch. Larger travel trailers, like 5th wheels may require a heavy-duty pickup outfitted with a special hitch located in the bed of the truck.  It is important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Consult your dealer or owner’s manual for details and have the tow hitch professionally installed.

Motorhomes make up the next largest category with 11% sold in 2019.  This group includes the smaller Type B camper vans all the way up to the mack daddy Type A motorhomes with many sizes in between.  Type C’s are very popular offering plenty of floor plan options and comfortable sleeping options.

One final type of RV is a Park Model with about 1% of sales in 2019.  It looks like a cabin and is built on an RV chassis. Once completed, its towed to its final destination (mainly at campgrounds) hooked up to water, sewer and electric and parked permanently.  These can be owned by individuals who use them as seasonal homes or rented by the campground.  They are a great way to try out the RV lifestyle without purchasing all of the equipment.


Once you decided which type of RV is right for you there are more options to consider.  Travel trailers range in price starting at &7,000 for a pop-up travel trailer all the way up to $500,000+ for a luxurious motorhome.  A great way to see & compare many types of RVs is to visit an RV Show or a local RV dealer.  You can find these at GoRVing.com

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