Frank Teasley

Owner of Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours 

The original sled dog company operating in Jackson Hole is home to 180 authentic Alaskan racing sled dogs. These dogs showcase the best of the Northern husky breed, with strength, stamina, and speed of the original Eskimo work dogs. Frank has been a professional dog musher for 23 years. He learned his craft from veteran musher and “Father of the Iditarod”, Joe Reddington, Sr. Frank’s best Iditarod finish to date was sixth in 1991. He won the coveted Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award for the best cared for team in 1989, and the Sterling Silver Award for the most improved team in 1991.

Mary Maley, the kennel manager gives the inside scoop on a few of her favorite and hardest working dogs. “It’s safe to say that everyone’s favorite snack is raw meat. And, while each dog has his or her own personality, at the end of the day they just want to be loved and they’ll love you back,” says Mary. >MORE

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