Buddy Shute & Mark Mcgee Live at Gotahold Brewing

Buddy Shute & Mark McgeeJune 11/EUREKA SPRINGS- 5 p.m.-7 p.m. For over 20 years, Buddy Shute (vocals-guitar) & Mark McGee (harmonica), have been entertaining audiences and each other with talent, humor and the feeling you get listening to old blues masters. With Buddy’s down-home presentation, picked up on his trips through the Delta between his hometown of Memphis and his love for New Orleans, and the magical notes from Mark’s harmonica, this duo will satisfy, with their original and traditional tunes.


Sam Allbright

Sam Allbright
June 18/EUREKA SPRINGS- Gotahold Brewing 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm When Sam Allbright breaks out his guitar and nostalgic lyricism, a palpable rush of entrancing familiarity fills the room.
These Arkansas artists’ charisma is matched by their cathartic and truly enrapturing music that invites its listeners on an experiential journey following their own personal fortune and misfortunes in life.
Allbright’s mixture of traditional folk and elements of rock n roll come together in an intoxicating cocktail that echoes the greats gone before him.…
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