The Brewery Trail

Bozeman Brewing Company: Crafting Tradition and Flavor

A local favorite steeped in tradition, Bozeman Brewing Company holds court with its friendly ambiance and a signature offering – the Bozone Select Amber Ale. With a recipe honed over years of passionate dedication, this microbrewery stands as a beacon of craftmanship, inviting beer enthusiasts to indulge in time-honored flavors.

Bridger Brewing: Where Craft Beer Meets Craft Pizza

A fusion of craft beer and artisanal pizza awaits at Bridger Brewing, a distinctive establishment in Bozeman. Not only do they masterfully create unique brews, but they also present “craft pizza” to perfectly complement your beer-tasting journey. Their Bison Pepperoni Pizza, crowned the best in Montana by Zagat, promises a delectable interlude to absorb the myriad flavors.

Bunkhouse Brewery: Immersing in the Old West Ambiance

Step into the past at Bunkhouse Brewery, where the spirit of the Old West thrives alongside a lineup of brews boasting names like Running Iron IPA and Broadhorn Brown Ale. Each sip carries you to a bygone era, a testament to Montana’s rich history and enduring craftsmanship.

406 Brewing Company: Rustic Invitations and Locally Sourced Brews

As the sun dips below the horizon, 406 Brewing Company opens its rustic tasting room to welcome weary adventurers. With locally sourced ingredients and expert brewing, this is a fitting closure to the Bozeman leg of the trail, an oasis of authenticity and flavor.

Neptune’s Brewery: Sip Like a Deity in Livingston

Carrying the name of the Roman god of the sea, Neptune’s Brewery beckons you to “Drink Like God.” A lofty motto backed by exceptional brews, this establishment in Livingston offers a divine experience that culminates your beer-tasting voyage in style.

Red Lodge Ales: Cheers to a Grand Finale

As the curtain falls on your brewery adventure, Red Lodge Ales takes the stage as the ultimate denouement. With a penchant for dark ales, this establishment offers a refined selection that pairs seamlessly with their extended tap room hours – a rarity in Montana. Conclude your journey by savoring both the brews and delectable food offerings, a perfect coda to an unforgettable weekend.

As you traverse Montana’s brewery trail, remember that this is merely a glimpse into the vast expanse of flavors that await you. If your heart resonates with the art of craft beer, let this journey serve as a catalyst for completing the entire Montana Brewery Trail over time. However, if your palate leans towards the world of wine, fear not, for Montana also boasts an array of exceptional wineries awaiting your exploration. Embrace the spirit of adventure, and may your weekends be forever enriched by Montana’s liquid treasures.

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