Exploring Bourbon's Backyard: Elizabethtown

Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, Elizabethtown, affectionately known as "Etown," is a charming city that offers a perfect blend of history, bourbon culture, and contemporary entertainment. With its rich bourbon heritage, vibrant downtown scene, and a variety of attractions, Etown promises a delightful experience for travelers seeking a taste of Kentucky's finest. Join us on a journey through Bourbon's Backyard as we explore the unique facets that make Elizabethtown a must-visit destination.

Bourbon Bliss:

Start your Etown adventure by immersing yourself in the world of bourbon. Head over to J.R. Neighbors, a local gem known for crafting exquisite bourbon cocktails that showcase the region’s best spirits. Savor the flavors of expertly mixed concoctions while enjoying the cozy ambiance that makes this spot a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

For the true bourbon enthusiast, a visit to one of the top American bourbon bars in Elizabethtown is a must. Immerse yourself in the history and craftsmanship of this iconic American spirit at Bourbon Barrel Tavern (or as locals call it, BBT),  experiencing the nuances of different blends and varieties. Don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth with bourbon-infused ice cream from the local dessert shop, Dewster’s Homemade Ice Cream & Bakery,  adding a unique twist to your culinary journey.


  1. Heartland Mini Golf: Take a break from bourbon tasting and enjoy a round of mini golf at Heartland Mini Golf. This family-friendly attraction offers a fun-filled experience for all ages, with creatively designed courses that weave through lush landscapes.
  2. Xtreme Arcade: For a dose of nostalgia and modern gaming excitement, Xtreme Arcade beckons. With a diverse selection of arcade games and interactive experiences, it’s the perfect spot to unleash your inner gamer and create lasting memories with friends and family.
  3. Downtown Shopping: Explore the charming downtown area, where numerous local boutiques and shops beckon with unique treasures and souvenirs. You can also find many of the chains you love. No trip is complete without a little shopping.
  4. Artwork: Enjoy the scenery of downtown and strike a pose in front of several murals in Downtown Elizabethtown. All hand-painted and designed by local artists the murals are a must-see when you explore Etown.


    1. Elizabethtown Nature Park: The Elizabethtown Nature Park (ENP) has 104 acres of gently rolling former pastureland. Freeman Creek meanders through the park as it flows to the city’s largest lake, Freeman Lake. The Nature Park has been set aside as a passive park, where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of our community. A tunnel under Ring Road connects the ENP to Freeman Lake Park. Visitors can stroll along the concrete pathway to closely view the five life-size bronze sculptures – one for each branch of the military.
    2. American Legion Park: There is a memorial for every soldier that has died in a war from Hardin County. American Legion Park features a nine-hole par-3 golf course (with putting green), Funtopia children’s playground, multi-purpose field, four recently resurfaced hardcourt tennis courts, swimming pool and picnic/family pavilion. There is also a “Born Learning Trail,” a mini educational trail for the children.
    3. Freeman Lake: Escape to the tranquility of Freeman Lake, a picturesque oasis offering serene landscapes and recreational activities. Take a leisurely stroll along the lakeside trails, go fishing, or simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty that Elizabethtown has to offer. Try out the 12-hole disc golf course as you enjoy the scenery or better yet test out your pickleball skills at the new pickleball courts.


  1. Swope Cars of Yesteryear: At Swope Cars of Yesteryear, this unique museum showcases vintage automobiles and memorabilia. Experience the evolution of transportation and gain insights into the city’s role in shaping America’s automotive landscape.
  2. Historic Walking Tour: Embark on a journey through time with Elizabethtown’s Historic Walking Tour. Explore well-preserved landmarks, learn about the city’s storied past, and appreciate the architectural gems that contribute to Etown’s timeless charm.
  3. Brown Pusey House and Tavern in the Garden: Visit the Brown Pusey House, a historic landmark that offers a glimpse into 19th-century Kentucky life. Explore the beautifully preserved house and gardens, and learn about the cultural heritage that defines Elizabethtown.
  4. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in the Nature Park: Pay homage to the brave men and women who served in the Vietnam War at the moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in the Nature Park. This solemn and reflective site is a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.


For a comfortable stay during your exploration of Elizabethtown, check out the diverse accommodation options available at Etown Tourism’s Hotel Page. Etown offers a range of choices to suit every traveler’s needs.

Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is more than just Bourbon’s Backyard; it’s a tapestry of history, culture, and vibrant entertainment. From craft bourbon cocktails to family-friendly attractions and historic landmarks, Etown invites visitors to savor the essence of Kentucky’s hospitality. So, pack your bags, raise a glass, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Bourbon’s Backyard in Elizabethtown.


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