The Wall – Miami Beach

Currently heading to its 8th year in operation with no signs of slowing down, the celeb and locals destination for all things sacred nightlife has to offer has not dipped below expectations and standards one bit!

WALL is led by nightlife veteran Nicola Siervo, a man with more stories than there are volumes in the Encyclopædia Britannica with a celeb rolodex to match. Constantly pursuing impressive lineups as well as planning over the top and innovative new projects, Siervo and partners continue to expand their portfolio of properties that includes some of the most acclaimed nightclubs and restaurants in Miami and beyond.

Marko Gojanovic, Nicola Siervo and Navin Chatani

New team member Marko Gojanovic breathes young new life into WALL’s management with ethics, rationale, and leading by example as the values of his leadership style. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marko is a class-act in the world of Miami nightlife.


Expanding his role in WALL’s managerial team as Director of Nightlife is Navin Chatani with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality business from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, to the  Bahamas and Miami, Chatani brings a positive attitude, loyalty, and fairness to the mix, a staple upon which he has built his career.


Longtime collaborator and ex-NBA player turned DJ Rony Seikaly has returned to the fold with a new monthly event Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, which features his signature underground style of dance music. To be joined by other world renowned guest DJ’s from time to time, the main goal is to keep club-goers dancing the night away by removing most of the nightclub’s seating.

It’s no doubt that this oasis of music and style will have something truly special to offer for Spring break!


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