Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live Among the Dwarfs, Sprites & Elves?

TROUT CREEK, Mont., April 11, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — In a remote hidden valley in Northwest Montana is a place called Enchanted Lodging. No, you’re not in the land of OZ – but almost! This unique lodging experience offers visitors luxury accommodations but is also full of imagination, and yes… even magic. Become a kid again in a truly unique retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that is among a private 20 acres.

Ever sleep with the elves, dwarfs & sprites?

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The Enchanted Lodging grounds are not a simple guest resort. It’s an experience. If the sounds of woodland fairies or a rock from a troll slingshot whizzing overhead are not enough to transport guests to a J.R.R. Tolkien legendarium setting, the décor and architecture will convince visitors they have passed into another world. Tiny Elven Village twinkles while you watch the fairies dance in the trees. Lining the drive is a cavalcade of mushrooms that light up in addition to over 600 solar powered dragonflies that probably can be seen from space… almost looking like lightning bugs from back east. If you are really lucky…and quiet, you may hear the giggling of the unseen fairies under the Troll Bridge but watch out, as some of the trolls have set up camp down there and may give you a scare.

The Enchanted Lodge has been featured on MTV, HGTV and even a write-up in the N.Y. Times. The 1,000 square foot guest cottage comes complete with one king bedroom and a small guest bedroom. It has XM Radio, HD-Satellite flat screen TV with a Blu-Ray CD player and a library of books and CD such as “Lord of the Rings” & “The Hobbit”. There’s even a wood burning stove for those rare chilly nights; however, the cottage stays a constant 55-60 degrees because it’s entirely underground. Phones are available since there is NO cell service in this remote site as it disrupts the wee ones.

The Lodge has made sure that the kitchen is well equipped with every kitchen utensil known to man including a barbeque grill located on the deck overlooking Whitepine Ranch which boasts an old fashioned, red barn built in 1918 and a pond that brings in a myriad of waterfowl including Baldwin the resident Bald Eagle, blue herons and many diving osprey who dine on the Cutthroat trout living in the pond. Guests might also see deer, elk, and moose swimming in the pond, coyotes, and mountain lions along with the occasional bear or wolf.

The Enchanted Lodge is available for $345.00 per night for two persons with a two-night minimum and must be guaranteed with a major credit card. Because of the intimate details and handcrafted displays, no pets or children under 12 are allowed. Advance reservations are required.

Enjoy the unique features of this mystical land of mystery including a troll house that was once a 700-year-old tree from the redwoods to an old mine currently being used by the dwarfs. Our unique home came in at number 2 of themed homes around the world – and is the only one in the USA. With over 65 little doors nestled in the forest that surround the lodge, this vacation spot has an added twist of imagery and sophistication. The enchantment is private & almost spiritual and is the only one in the world where you get to spend the night with all of the wee ones on the property.

Our web site is To make reservations on VRBO… go to our Shire Enchanted Lodging site and the directions along with a calendar will appear. Our VRBO # is 324670. Reservations can also be made by emailing us at or call us on-site at (406) 827-7200. Our address is 9 Hobbit Lane, Trout Creek, Montana 59874.

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