Once you have become familiar with our publications and company background, it's time to share it with potential customers.

1.  Predetermine and prequalify potential customers

What type of businesses would be most interested in what we have to offer? Who would benefit from placing their marketing message with our company with the type of information we provide? How to determine quality prospects:


a. Find prospective customers on state/ county or city  CVB websites

b. Find prospective customers through a google search for events on certain topics

c. Advertisers participating in similar magazines

d. Asking for customer referrals

e. Customer Type Examples

  • Theatres / Performing Arts
  • Convention centers holding events
  • Water Parks / Theme Parks / Zoos
  • Restaurants / Dinner Shows
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Bed and Breakfasts / Resorts / Hotels
  • Annual Events – Festivals/fairs/sports/demonstration shows

2. Learn about potential customer so you can discuss their marketing needs easier.
a. After choosing a good prospect, study their website
b. Check our website to see if editorial feature for their local area is online yet.
c.  Ask questions during first phone call – be interested – LISTEN


 Next Step: Make Phone Call
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