Sample Call Back 

Hello is ______________________________ Available?
                ( You should have name from previous contact )

This is _________(your name)_______ From the Weekender Extended Magazine. 
I am calling to follow up on the information we sent your email a couple of days ago and wanted to verify you did receive? Have you had a chance to check it out and do you have any questions? 

Can we proceed with your article and reserve the ___(CVB/sampler/etc.)________ package for you? 


If the answer is No:

May I ask what your main objection is to placing an ad with us at this time? If budget is a problem – would you consider partial trade?

What would you consider a negotiable offer?

If the answer is Yes:

That’s Great!

Let Me pull up an order form and we’ll get it filled out.


Frequently Asked Questions from potential Customers: 

What are the demographics? Middle class incomes 30,000-50,000 with 2-family incomes; Ages 30 – 55 who want places to go on the Weekend.

How many visitors to your website? Keep in mind, we do email the magazine directly to our subscribers, so that is what we base our prices on. However, visitors to our website are an added bonus. We get anywhere from 1100-1300 visits per week per area.

How is the magazine distributed? The weekender extended magazine  is emailed to a “potential” 127,000 “subscribers” in your marketing area.

Who do you distribute to?  We only distribute to subscribers who expect to receive the magazine. You have a better chance of readers seeing your ad and responding to it than throwing it away or deleting it from their box.

Where can you get the magazine? In your Email or at our website at . More economical for advertisers and subscribers than printing something people eventually have to throw away.

How do you get subscribers?  Anyone can subscribe online at our website as subscriptions are free. The company periodically promotes subscriptions at area fairs, home shows, online contests and through subscriber referrals.

How often does the magazine come out?      Quarterly. However, starting this year, we will be sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis to let our readers know about any new events on the calendar and articles under the states map located on the home page.

How much does it cost?   Less than a pennyt a piece. Depending on the length of your commitment the price gets discounted. The most popular choice is the intro six-month marketing package.

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