1. Introduce yourself – First & Last Name / Publication/

b. Ask for the marketing director or whoever is in charge of making the promotional decisions for the company. No need to go into a sales pitch when you aren’t talking to the right person.

c. Reintroduce – (see 1..)

d. Tell potential customer “WHY” you are calling and “WHY” they were chosen for this offer. (The “Why” is determined during potential customer search and choice. )


First Call Example Dialogue

Good  ( MORNING – AFTERNOON ) My name is ______________ from The Extended Weekend Getaways Magazine. May I please speak with the person in charge of your marketing decisions?

Hi __(First name )___. This is _(your full name)_____ from The Extended Weekend Getaways Magazine to let you know we have just recently rebranded our website and social media presence with amazing results. We’ve learned that now most use their smartphones and notepads to retrieve the type of information we provide on places to go, things to do, and people to see.  I believe this would be a perfect opportunity for you to reach new potential customers with your marketing message at extraordinary savings.

May I email you a media kit to help you become more familiar with our publication and the timely specials we have to offer?

No:       Well thank you for your time, and have a great day.

Yes:        (Ask for email address and read it back to verify. Also verify correct spelling of name.  Assure them we do not sell, loan, or give out email addresses for any other purpose. Ask if there is a direct extension # or cell phone # they would rather we use. 

         Ok, thank you. The information should reach you later today and then may  I call you again (in 2 business days) to review any questions you may have. Contact information will be in the e-mail if you would like to respond before then.  When is the best time to call back?  (Verify  appt.)

Thank you so much for your time and consideration to be a part of The Weekender family. Have a great day…

Int 2-3 Business Days Make your Follow Up Phone Call & Make the Sale


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